Preventive Roof Maintenance Program

GM Roofing offers one of the most comprehensive roof maintenance programs in the industry.  Roofs are costly investments that need to be maintained in order to prevent costly re-roofing, large repairs, and overall damage to the building.   We will insure the life of your roof by inspecting the area, cleaning away debris, repairing problems, and protecting against future defects.  While many similar programs only perform services once a year, GM Roofing comes out every six months to better safeguard your roof.  What's more, we will 100% guarantee the services we perform and will revisit your roof for free if you ever have a problem between our scheduled appointments.  If you are interested in receiving maintenance, you can also check out our previous roofing reviews.

Riverside Roofer
Roof Maintenance Services:


  • Comprehensive Inspection

  • Roof Cleaning

  • Reseal necessary areas

  • Repair standard roofing problems

  • Preventive services to avoid future complications

  • Report services completed and recommend actions to insure lifespan

Ventura Residential and Commercial Roofer

Insure the lifespan of your roof, avoid costly repairs, and keep it looking great with GM Roofing's Roof Maintenance Program.