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Huntington Terrace MBK Senior Living Roofing Project in Huntington Beach, California

GM Roofing Company recently received an opportunity to work with the Huntington Terrace Senior Living Community in Huntington Beach, California. After problems began to surface due to deterioration and the roof neared the end of its life expectancy, the coastal living community decided it was time for a replacement. With their prior roof being a build-up roofing system, GM Roofing and the management at Huntington Terrace both agreed to implement a similar roof, but with better and more modern technology. To do this, it was decided to construct a build-up CertainTeed 4-ply roof that meets California's Title 24 standards.

After about two weeks, the roof at Huntington Terrace was complete and looked better than ever. Installing the new roof went extremely smooth and there were very few bumps in the road, creating a great experience for both sides. The new build-up roof system not only looked great, but also helped solve previous issues of water-ponding. All in all, the Huntington Terrace Senior Living Community was an outstanding group to do work for and we look forward to doing business with them again later down the road.

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