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Roof Deck Replacement in Seal Beach, California

In addition to large commercial buildings, GM Roofing also roofs many homes in the Southern California area. We recently completed a new deck on a two-story home in Seal Beach, California. Originally, the deck proved to be too weak and unfunctional for the daily activities of the homeowner, wasting a valuable space. With a deck so large, the homeowner wanted an area that could be used for relaxing and dining, among other things. In order to create a deck that would be durable enough for heavy use, GM Roofing went with a Pacific Polymers Elasto-Deck 5000x2.

Before installing the deck, GM Roofing tore off all the existing roofing material down to the wood substrate. The entire area was cleaned and all debris were removed. After, a urethane caulking was applied in addition to a 4" nylon webbing. Once those were secured, a base coat of the Elasto-Deck 5001 was applied at a rate of 55 square feet per gallon. When this dried, it resulted in a dry film thickness of 25 mils. After 24 hours, two addtional coats were installed in the same manner. The next day, a fourth and final coat of Elasto-Deck 5001 was applied along with a broadcast #16 sand for a non-skid texture. Letting the deck sit for another 24 hours, GM Roofing came back and installed Elasto-Glaze 6001 AL at a rate of 120 square feet per gallon. Like the previous steps, this had to be repeated 24 hours later to insure a strong hold. After 6 different coats, the deck was complete and as strong as ever.

With an extremely durable deck, our satisfied customer was happy and eager to begin using it. No matter what the project is, give GM Roofing a call to receive unsurpassed quality at an affordable price.

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