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Shopping Center in Norwalk, California

The team at GM Roofing recently performed roof maintenance on a shopping center in Norwalk, California. Instead of implementing a new roof system, GM Roofing installed a Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing Long Life Recover Maintenance System per Western Cool Roof Systems Specification SM-2P-XE. This Western Colloid system not only improved the durability and integrity of the roof, but also drastically enhanced the aesthetics. After completion, GM Roofing became a certified applicator of Western Colloid.

GM Roofing was responsible for cleaning the roof, repairing problem areas, re-roofing drain areas, and preparing for the new roof maintenance system. Once these were completed, our team went ahead and applied the sytem. After inspection, the roof qualified for the Western Colloid 10 year NDL warranty. Ultimately, this cost-effective system helped greatly to alleviate problems for the tenants of the building.

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