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Certainteed Highland Slate Home in Los Alamitos, California

In recent years, many people are looking to Certainteed's Highland Slate as a product for their new roof. This new option is growing in popularity among homeowners as it has the look, texture, and tone of natural slate without the hefty price tag. In addition, the Highland Slate is undoubtedly durable, withstanding winds up to 110 MPH.

GM Roofing began a Highland Slate job in Los Alamitos, California by tearing off the existing deteriorating composition shingle. After many years, the shingle had finally reached the end of the lifespan and started to hinder the beauty of the home. When GM Roofing was finished, the look of the house completely changed. The Highland Slate restored and transformed the beauty of the home to something that was barely recognizable. With a satisfied homeowner, it is not hard to see why Certainteed's Highland Slate is a popular choice.

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