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Santa Monica Commercial Cool-Roof Acrylic Coating System

Santa Monica Commercial Acrylic Roof System

GM Roofing applied a new Western Colloid Cool Roof Acrylic Coating System for a commercial building on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Acrylic roof systems are growing in popularity for business owners. At GM Roofing, we find that many of our customers are turning to them. Let's look at some of the reasons business owners are choosing an acrylic roof system over a standard commercial roof system.

1. You can write off the entire roof in 1 year.

That's right. There is no prorating when you put on an acrylic roof system. The roof system is considered maintenance and not an entire new roof, which means that it qualifies to be written off in one year.

2. No need to pull those pesky city permits.

You don't need to pull permits for acrylic roof systems. Why? See the reason above. Most cities do not require permits for work classified under maintenance.

3. Energy costs

Due to the highly reflective white coating, acrylic systems are great at saving energy. They greatly reduce the heat inside of commercial buildings, shops, and warehouses, thus saving owners on pricey air conditioning.

4. 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

When you use a trusted company like GM Roofing, we make sure every acrylic system is properly applied. Our manufacturer, Western Colloid, then inspects the roof and gives our customers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. The best part? After 10 years, if you apply another layer of acrylic, you get additional 10-year warranty.

5. Price

Acrylic systems are often more cost-effective compared to other commercial roof systems. The acrylic goes right over the top of your existing roof so you can save on tear-off costs as well as material costs.

6. Visually appealing

Acrylic systems make your roof look clean, neat, and professional. With proper maintenance, it is easy to keep them working and looking great.

7. Durability

You might think to yourself, "there must be a catch." This type of roof system is surely not as durable as other systems. However, we have found that acrylic systems hold up just as well as any other system. With proper upkeep and maintenance, there is no reason to suggest that they are any different than other roof applications.

8. Minimized disruptions

Because the existing roof does not need to be torn off, acrylic systems are not as big of disruption as other roof systems. There are far less debris and not nearly as much noise. For businesses that have a lot of foot traffic, this is a great benefit as they can minimize any inconveniences.

As you see, there are many reasons that consumers are moving towards acrylic roof systems. GM Roofing uses one of the most respected and well-known manfucturers of the system, Western Colloid. If you have questions about acrylic systems or are thinking about taking the next step towards one, email or call us at (562) 429-7663 to see how GM Roofing can help you.

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