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Wilson Business Park Commercial Roof Replacement in Chatsworth, California

A few days ago, GM Roofing Company completed a new commercial roofing system in Chatsworth, California for the Wilson Business Park. The business park faced ageing roofs that showed signs of deterioration and needed replacing. GM Roofing was fortunate enough to be selected for the project and once the appropriate specifications were decided on, the new roofs were quickly underway.

GM Roofing was responsible for two different roofs in the business park. One roof measured 27,000 square feet while the other reached 36,000 square feet. For this particular project, it was decided to go with a four-ply build-up roofing system by Malarkey with a 10-year NDL warranty. GM Roofing replaced the dry-rotted plywood and broken subpurlins with hangers. In addition, our roofing team was responsible for changing the skylights on both buildings. It was decided that the new skylights would be curb mounted and not self-flashing as they were previously. Once the structural changes were made and the new roof applied, two coats of Western Colloid were applied to both roofs (3 gallons per 100 square feet) in order to meet California's Title 24 specifications (for energy efficiency).

Besides dealing with the hot summer sun, there were only a couple small speed bumps on the roof and the job at Chatsworth ended as a great experience. Both roofs came out looking great and easily passed inspection, making it a success for GM Roofing and the Wilson Business Park alike.

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